Amended And Restated Management Agreement

(d) Basic administration tax: the basic administration tax calculated and paid monthly, equal to i) a twelfth (1/12) equity at the end of this month, multiplied by (ii) 1.50%. If applicable, the initial and final payments of the basic administration tax are assessed on a pro-rata basis based on the number of days in the first or last month in which this agreement is in effect. (a) the manager provides the company with a management team, including a Chief Executive Officer and a President, as well as the appropriate support staff, to provide the management services that the company manager must provide as part of this sub-activity. The Chief Financial Officer also provides the Company with a Chief Financial Officer who is fully dedicated to the company`s business and to a sufficient amount of services provided by additional economists for accounting, finance and investor relations (an amount that will be audited and approved by the Board of Directors). Notwithstanding the above or anything else in this agreement, an auxiliary corporate subsidiary, with the agreement of the majority of independent directors, will directly assume all of its own operating and operating expenses, including, but not limited to, the remuneration of a subsidiary`s staff and the reimbursement of compensation costs incurred by the trustee for staff primarily dedicated to that subsidiary. q) Exchange Act refers to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as amended. (c) directors, executives, employees and representatives of the executive officer or affiliated companies of the executive may act as directors, executives, representatives, candidates or signatories of the company or subsidiary, as far as their government instruments permit from time to time, modified from time to time or by decisions duly adopted by the board of directors in accordance with the instruments of the board of directors. When executing documents or in any other way in such functions for the company, these persons use their respective titles in the company. (b) in the context of a registration statement involving the trustee or approved purchaser, and as a precondition for that participation, the licensed director and purchaser, several and not jointly, the company, its senior executives, its directors, its partners, the employees, representatives, representatives and investment advisors and any person: that the company, within the meaning of the Securities Act or the Stock Market Act (the company may be subject to claims, damages or liabilities or acts to which the company or any other controlling person may be subject under the Law on securities, stock exchange law or other measures, to the extent that such losses, claims, damages, liabilities or acts are the result of a misrepresentation or allegedly false statement of fact or prospectus or declaration of registration or a declaration of registration or the alleged omission of an omission or alleged omission to indicate an essential fact is indicated or necessary to prevent the information it contains; in any event only to the extent that the false statement or omission or alleged misrepresentation or omission was made in accordance with written information about the authorized director or taker, or was made specially available to the company by or on behalf of the administrator or such approved taker for inclusion in this statement of insinuation; and, subject to the limitation that is set immediately prior to this clause, it reimburses the company or any person of origin as it was born for any legal or other costs appropriately incurred by the company or any other person who has been incurred in the investigation or defence of losses, claims, damages, liabilities or related measures.