Cleaning Company Non Compete Agreement

Not necessarily. If the judge finds that the request « not to work in the field » is illegal, it does not matter whether you sign it or not. For example, I was once hired by a company that told me that the work could go up to 55 hours a week, but they do not pay overtime fees. Everything is supposed to be overtime after 44 hours, but they paid at the same time. Give me a song and a dance, as was the norm in their industry. I accepted and was hired. Three years later, they paid me a few thousand instalments because they asked me to accept something illegal. It doesn`t matter if I agreed. She was violating labor laws. The point is. There`s a loophole for almost everything.

But you have to be smart. I dunno the language that was in your agreement and that, honestly, does not want to know. But if you actually signed and there was a lot of time indicated that you could not work in the field. You could lose. What is a non-compete clause and how does it work? A house cleaner wrote this question. « What is the agreement if you prevent an employee from taking your customers to your cleaning store and where will I get a copy? » The answer is a non-competition agreement. But there are actually four documents to use on how you start your business and hire employees. The first is the secret. Support the show so we can continue to provide you with free tips to improve your cleaning and help grow your cleaning business. Thank you very much! However, I think most of the « non-competition bans » are quite simple. For example, a friend of mine (in the early 1990s) worked for a large telemarketing company.

He rose through the ranks to be the best dog in our region while working for this man. He decided that with some financial support he could start his own business, but that he had signed a similar « non-compete » agreement. The agreement essentially stated that, if he accused him, he would not be able to work for a competing company or start his own business, which would provide similar services or the same type of services for a period of six months. MaidPro, however, has a contract with the right one. It contains a non-compete clause that I found is pretty much the norm in this business. The reason it is so important to have a staff manual is that you build a corporate culture. So he let his wife start the business (with him, of course, who was working behind the scenes) and they blew themselves up almost immediately. My friend was 99% confident that he had a winner, and he did. He sold about 10 years later for a colossal sum and lives these days.