Computer Usage Agreement

8. Students should not disrupt, delete or disable programs or applications installed by the district on district laptops or desktop computers. B. All personal computer equipment/accessories must be clearly identified by the student`s name. This is an illustration and not a limitation of computers, power cable and backpack/carrier bag. one. If the personal technology resource authorized for use is a computer, the student must have a sector adapter for the computer and a carrier bag (the backpack is allowed). 7. Students should not install software on the district laptop or desktop computer. (6) Students have no expectations of privacy in district resources or personal technology while on the district site or at a school-sponsored event.

Computer files and electronic communications, including e-mail, are not private and can be accessed at any time by the District to ensure compliance with Council policies and regulations. These include computer files and electronic communications accessible by district technology or the district network, but stored outdoors. It is the responsibility of any student who finds his account disabled to contact the computer systems specialist Les Gill in Room 176 or by e-mail Identify yourself as a student and enter your student ID number. If your computer permissions are deleted, you can`t use a computer anywhere in the redwoods, even if that computer doesn`t need a local connection or network. This is a more serious breach of the tusser`s contract for the use of the computer and the internet. If you commit one of the following offences, this will lead to disciplinary dismissal and suspension of your computer privileges for at least one day of school. Repeated breaches result in longer and longer bank account closures and/or additional consequences.

2. All personal technology resources (which include, as an illustration and not a limitation, mobile phones and computers) will be deactivated, unless their use is authorized by a district staff member. Administrators of redwood systems and schools reserve the right to suspend the computer privileges of a student who violates part of the TUHSD computer and internet use contract. This includes all activities that may not be explicitly mentioned on this page. c. Personal technology resources may only be available after permission from a district staff member; Unauthorized use may discipline the student, including and until expulsion. Offences considered serious (by a system or a school administrator) can lead to legal action against the abusive student.