Shropshire Ccg Shared Care Agreements

Click on your area below to continue. Drugs are categobated in the BNF. If the drug you are looking for is not mentioned, then there is currently no common care available. The purpose of these documents is to provide the family physician with sufficient information to prescribe drugs that can be maintained in primary care. The Committee on Drug Optimization agreed that if general practice refuses to reach an agreement on the joint supply of a drug deemed appropriate by NICE for joint treatment, the physician should finalize the proform for the AEAR, which has been rejected by general practice, so that the trust can impose an adequate burden on the GCC. In order to provide the family physician with all the essential information and a link between primary and secondary care if the family doctor has other questions, doctors within SaTH must print and fill out the information contained in this document and send it to the family doctor in the same way as an ESCA. Agreement on effective joint care can contribute to the smooth transmission of treatment of patients from secondary to general practice, as it provides information on the drug as well as guidelines for prescribing and monitoring tasks. A Common Care Agreement (SAC) provides avenues for allocating drug prescribing management responsibilities between the specialist and the family physician. They are individually to a particular drug, in detail, which is responsible for what aspect of care and when early referral to specialized services is needed. They allow for the smooth transition from the liability of prescribing specialized services to general practice. The common use of care involves communication between the specialist, the family physician and the patient (and/or the caregiver).

The intention to share care must be explained to the patient by the doctor who introduces the treatment. It is important that patients are consulted on treatment and agree. Patients receiving the given medication should be followed regularly, which provides opportunities to discuss drug therapy. Essential Shared Care Agreements or Best Practice Guidelines have been agreed for use in certain areas, they can be found on netFormy or on the trusts website. Specialized initiation may be required due to complex criteria for assessing and diagnosing the treated disease, or the medication used may be unknown to family physicians. Since the prescriber of a drug takes legal responsibility for the drug, additional prescription assistance may be required for subsequent prescribing. Individual patient request for non-formy medication In order not to incriminate the CGC inappropriately, it is important for the physician to notify us when the service no longer issues the prescription by no longer recommending the Refused by General Practice Service as soon as possible.