South Sudan Peace Agreement Today

If properly implemented, the Juba Peace Agreement is an important first step towards the creation of a « New Sudan » based on peace, equal citizenship and social justice. The key tests of whether Sudan can finally reverse the trend are whether the signatory movements and other revolutionary forces can unite to bring the peace dividend to the victims of Sudanese conflicts and welcome inclusion rather than tribalism and close political affiliation; If the remaining armed movements are ready to enter into serious negotiations for a comprehensive peace; and whether the Sudan now receives the support and attention it deserves from the international community. Admittedly, the Sudan has already gone too far for this historic opportunity to be missed. As Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said: « This is a Sudanese peace that has been achieved by our own hands and by our own means » and « This is not a paper agreement, but a living organism that needs care, attention and political will from all of us. » Kiir also thanked the international community for its « support and encouragement » in mediating the agreement and stressed that « our work is not finished and we will not relax until our efforts for a peaceful region are achieved. » He warned the outside world that Sudan « needs his help and help. » The content of the new peace agreement is more substantial and extensive than previously proposed. This brought widespread hope to the agreement. According to the Heads of State and Government, the introduction of last year`s peace pact, which called for a unity government, will take place on 12 November. « No matter where people live and no matter who they are, all South Sudanese hope for peace and prosperity, » he added. « We are seeing a return to business as usual, where progress on the peace agreement itself is lagging behind. » Not all Sudanese were satisfied with the agreement. Hundreds of idps living in camps in the Western Darfur region staged a peaceful protest at Saturday`s event, chanting « No, no for peace in Juba. » Sudan`s interim President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan captured the joyful atmosphere around Saturday`s peace deal and chanted « Sudan is our country and we are all brothers » to the large crowd that gathered in Juba.