System Integration Agreement

With IT integration, your employees capture less data manually so they can focus on more productive aspects of their work. The term « systems integration agreement » is used to describe a contract for the acquisition, development and integration of hardware and software, necessary to create a complete IT system in relation to the customer`s business data. In a system integration agreement, a buyer agrees to acquire a new computer system. This purchase may include integration services, software, hardware, licensing or intellectual property rights, as well as ongoing support and maintenance services. Intellectual property rights: Software within a computer system is generally copyrighted. When you start using the computer system, IP rights holders can sue you for violating their rights to the software. Against this risk, you can impose a duty of care on your computer systems provider and hold him responsible for any litigation. The software is protected by intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights should be taken into account for three types of software in a systems integration agreement: a system integration contract therefore integrates an entire computer system into the buyer`s business, so it is more convenient than buying separate parts. However, an integrated COMPUTER system helps you optimize your data management management. Confidentiality: The contract may require the seller to install the computer system on site. In this case, the seller has access to your databases and servers and can inquire about trade secrets or personal data.

It is safer to impose a duty of confidentiality on the seller. When you buy your computer system as a package, it`s easier to manage your data and carry out your business. Each party should perform due diligence before the contract is concluded. The duty of care can affect either the supplier or the customer, or perhaps both. The parties should determine what intellectual property rights are and, in particular, what licences are required for the project to be implemented.