The Eu Turkey Agreement

Aid is not provided in the state coffers. On 18 March 2016, the EU concluded a migration agreement with Turkey to deter refugees from entering the EU. As part of this agreement, Turkey has agreed to take back migrants entering Greece and send legal refugees to the EU. In exchange, the EU agreed to give Turkey six billion euros and allow Turkish citizens to travel visa-free by the end of June 2016, if Turkey meets 72 conditions. [69] In March 2016, the EU assessed that Turkey then met 35 of the 72 conditions required to obtain visa freedom across Europe. [70] By May 2016, this figure had risen to 65 out of 72. [71] Under the agreement, Syrian refugees are exchanged between Turkey and EU countries. The agreement provides that the EU must put in place all Syrians who have the Greek islands after the 20.