Unreal Engine Royalty Agreement

Unreal Engine 5 will be released next year and can be used for free as the latest version. The royalty system announced today applies to all versions of the engine, and when the time comes, games created in Unreal Engine 4 can be reported to UE5 – more details on this announcement here. A team creates a game with UDK who wants to sell it. After six months of development, they released the game on digital distribution and earned $60,000 in the first calendar quarter after release. Their use of UDK during development does not require a fee. At some point, before the release of UDK Applications, they would secure a commercial UDK license with a license of 99 $US. After earning $US 60,000, they are expected to pay Epic $US 2,500 ($0 $US for the first $50,000 in revenue and $2,500 $US for the next $10,000 in revenue). For subsequent income, they must pay the 25% fee.