What Was Hopper`s Agreement

I`ve seen it twice this week and it`s probably the most correct theory. He was really surprised at what he saw in the lab. The villain of the first season is never really responsible, so killing Dr. Brenner didn`t really change the deal Hopper made. with the villain of season two. The deception in the scene is that he left voluntarily. If there was a muscle guard to « help » him get into the car, it would be a different scene. On July 1, sober in the shower until Joyce Byers shows up to explain what happens to electromagnetic fields, and for the third time in the series, Hopper doesn`t believe her at first. Angry because Joyce hasn`t gone out with him, he constantly scolds until he discovers that Joyce is gone and intends to go alone, and although he tries to stop her, he has no choice but to follow. But Hopper, after returning to the Hawkins Lab with Joyce, spends most of the season on a side quest to determine the nature of what exactly is going on; With the help of conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman and a defecting Soviet scientist named Alexei, they discover that experiments in the underground laboratory are spoiling the magnetic fields at Hawkins. .

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